Friday, August 19, 2011

winding down

Set my alarm to wake me 15 minutes earlier than normal today. It backfired, because I just hit the snooze for 30.

Anyway, last Friday at the CIS. Bob K.'s been leaving me time to work on my presentation and stuff, which is good. Pretty much done with my presentation, except for the title, which right now is just "Smith at the CIS." I'm going to talk not just about my research but also about my experience with the internship in general, so I thought a general title would be good, but I guess it wouldn't kill me to come up with something a little more interesting.

Will probably spend most of the day thumbing through the Fiske guide since I've been somewhat neglecting my college search as of late. Wouldn't kill me to knock out a supplement or two either.

(forgive any grammar mistakes or awkwardly-phrased sentences, I don't usually update my blog at 9AM when I'm still half asleep)

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