Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 14 (July 25)

Actually got to do a little computer-assembly today after waiting an eternity for the parts to be delivered. I'll upload some crummy, low-res phone pictures.

these are the hard drives going into this thing. they total 10TB (or 10,240GB), which is enough space to hold all of the printed works in the Library of Congress. I don't know if a LIDAR requires this much space, but hey, memory is cheap.

motherboard installed in the case (a pretty nice case, at that). you can see the memory sticks installed in the upper-right of the motherboard.

this is a solid-state drive. since this has no moving parts like the magnetic disks in the hard-disk drives I showed at the top of this post, it can access data faster, trading space for speed (it's about 64GB). the operating system will go on this while the HDDs store everything else - this will allow the computer to boot up very quickly. also, look at it! it's tiny!

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